Poker holdem app


Poker holdem app is a Free Internet Correspondence Games Server application where you can play poker texas holdem or correspondence chess online at, all in the same app on your Android phone. You can also play instant rated chess games (blitz & rapid) without any registration. Of course it is possible to play poker holdem online on your computer as well.

Play poker texas holdem online on Poker holdem app at Google Play Store.

Play games online Poker texas holdem has never been so popular since it can be played through the internet & apps on Android phones. This application is proposed by FICGS (Free Internet Correspondence Games Server) to bring the main brain games to worldwide players. There you can go for 2 players matches, 7 players tournaments and various championships.

Unlike most other servers, poker holdem games are mainly played by correspondence at a time control of 30 days + 1 day per action, allowing you to play, stop and resume whenever you want without having to stay hours and hours in front of your screen. This is also a good way to train by playing multiple games simultaneously. Any kind of help is authorized, from hands calculators to bots... offers other games apps like chess or baduk, also named "Go". You may have heard about it since that the first artificial intelligences are involved into trying to master board games, which they did by beating the very best human players already. Finally, if playing poker texas holdem for fun is not enough anymore, you can try to play FICGS world championships with the strongest players online.